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YogaPilates.me is the website of Hilary Sewter.

Hilary Sewter

Hilary learned Ballet as a child and was helped to overcome a physical injury by means of Pilates classes at the age of 10. As a young woman Hilary studied Yoga and attained her British Wheel of Yoga Diploma. In 1996 Hilary began to study Pilates and incorporated it into her classes. Hilary’s Yoga Pilates was born and continues to flourish as Hilary attends regular workshops and related courses in order to remain up-to-date with ever changing research.

Hilary has a passion for teaching body awareness and relaxation techniques. She is fully qualified and comes recommended by many local physiotherapists, doctors and other practitioners, who use her classes to complement their treatments for back and postural problems.

Hilary’s Yoga Pilates classes incorporate low-level stability training, leading to many wonderful stretching and strengthening exercises. Everything is done slowly and mindfully. Afterwards your body feels released and relaxed.

Hilary’s enthusiasm for teaching and her knowledgeable approach to fitness instruction ensures her classes are in high demand.

If you would like personal advice or reassurance about these Yoga Pilates classes simply contact Hilary on 01483 727805 or email CLICK HERE

About Classes

All Yoga Pilates classes are suitable for beginners as well as for the more experienced. You can start coming to any class whenever you choose because I go over the fundamental principles and general basics at the beginning of every lesson. The classes contain a wealth of explanation and demonstration so the pace is slow and thoughtful. Despite being 90 minute sessions the time flies.

The classes can be as challenging as you want to make them. Each exercise has many levels of ability. You can take each one to the level that is right for you. You are encouraged to “listen to your body” and stop when you feel you have comfortably achieved your maximum effort. Some people like to have more challenge, which is why several increasingly demanding versions of each exercise are offered. That is where I make sure that there is absolutely no straining or competition in the classes.

Over the weeks, months or even years you will realise that your body is changing for the better; that you can, once again, do things you used to be able to do. Becoming more flexible and stronger is not achieved instantaneously – it is a gradual process.

The people in my Yoga Pilates classes range enormously in ability but can all work to fulfil their unique, individual needs. Some come referred directly from their doctor or physiotherapist, having begun on the path to recovery after injury. Some people feel they have the flexibility and strength that they once had and want to empower their bodies again. Many people come to Yoga pilates classes simply to maintain their all-round health and well-being.

There is so much more to my Yoga Pilates classes than just the physical. Just being with like-minded people in a warm, welcoming atmosphere lifts your spirit.

For more information, personal advice or reassurance please call Hilary on 01483 727805.

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