I have been attending Hilary’s yoga/pilates class for several years, and can wholeheartedly recommend her particular brand of teaching, which encompasses a friendly manner and encouragement to learn the breathing and postures without any competition or pressure.
Over a period of time, her classes make an enormous difference to both posture and core strength.  For myself, I have found that doing yoga/pilates has increased the mobility in my cervical spine, which was compromised some years ago, and also helps retain the mobility in my hips and knees which are both arthritic through wear and tear.
Hilary is a brilliant and empathic teacher, who brings to the classes very useful hints and tips for using the functional exercises learned in class, for example, correctly using the headrest when driving a car ensures proper head and neck posture through use of the right muscles.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Hilary’s class whatever age and level of fitness you may be. I would also challenge anybody not to enjoy the lovely relaxation session at the end of each class which invariably ensures a good night’s sleep!
Andrea Corrie

Subject: Testimonial – Hilary Sewter
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To: hilary@yogapilates.me

I have just accessed your website.
The Yahoo search engine could not find your website but the Google one did.
People have said the same when trying to access my name through Yahoo.

I would like to add my testimonial to your website as Aiden has done.

I started going to Hilary’s class nearly two years ago after I retired from my job as an electromagnetics engineer. My job invloved a lot of travelling that I found quite stressful and the business meals etc., resulted in my eating a lot and putting on weight. I also had difficulty getting a good night’s sleep.
Since attending Hilary’s classes I have managed to reduce my waistline and feel fitter. With the added benefit of reduction in stress levels associated with the less travel and relaxation at Hilary’s classes I have been able to sleep better.
I find that when I miss Hilary’s classes my clothes feel tighter and I lose my flexibility so that seemingly normal actions like stretching to reach something, can result in pulled muscles and backache.
I would reccommend attending at least two of her classes a week.





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